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What my customers are saying

I have been a regular client of Georgie's for eight years.  I find her massages remove the accumulated stresses that build up from work and sport and I always feel significantly better for my 90minutes treatment.  Georgie has an ability to mix strength and relaxation so that I get real benefits from my massage.

Over the years I have recommended Georgie to friends and family and all have now become regular users too.  I would always recommend Georgie.

Andy M from Harpenden

For a number of years Georgie has been treating my wife and I with massage on a regular basis.  The effect of her efforts is unfailingly beneficial for us both.  In our 70's we have many an ache and pain, none of which seem to defeat Georgie's ability to sooth and cure.  

We strongly recommend anyone with doubts to try a massage from Georgie, in the comfort of your home.  You will not regret it!

Paul & Carole B from Kimpton

Before my first massage with Georgie I was not even aware of how tight the muscles in my upper back had become.  From the first session I felt the benefits of the treatment and have been a customer for 6 years now.  As a martial artist and personal trainer it is very important for me to stay loose and prevent injury, Georgie's massages are the perfect way to release the built up tension in my muscles.

If you have a stressful job, exercise regularly or play sports it is essential you give back to your body to prevent imbalances and long-term injuries.  If you are looking to get a massage Georgie is the best therapist around.

Paul J from Stevenage

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